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Education in the community

Craig McIntire-Mann can provide education and training on topics such as: "normal age-related" memory issues, early signs of dementia, cognitive impairment, communication and problem-solving strategies for partners/caregivers of individuals with memory loss, etc. Craig is also available as a guest speaker/subject expert for dementia support groups. 

Current presentations:

Memory: What, Who, & When?

This seminar will introduce and discuss three key areas:

  • What is age-related memory loss vs. dementia?

  • Who is at risk for dementia & who diagnoses dementia? 

  • When should I, or my partner, seek help?

This seminar will also discuss, types of memory, signs of possible early dementia, health factors/risks that main contribute to dementia, and the
health professionals that diagnose and treat individuals with memory loss
and dementia.

Safe Eating & Drinking for Individuals with Dementia

This seminar will introduce and discuss these topics:

  • What is “dysphagia”?

  • What is “aspiration” and “aspiration pneumonia”? Who diagnoses and treats dysphagia?

  • Strategies for safe swallowing

  • Eating/feeding and quality of life

This seminar will also discuss, the swallow mechanism, signs of a swallowing problem, strategies for taking oral medication, and alternative means of nutrition/hydration in individuals with advanced dementia.

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