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Frequently Asked Questions

I just need to change my pitch, right?

Pitch is just part of what makes voice unique. Resonance (tone, or how voice is shaped in the vocal tract) is a key factor in shaping your voice to what you feel sounds more like the gender you identify with. Craig is certified in the evidence-based, Lessac-Madsen Resonant Voice Technique (LMRVT).

Can’t I just watch the videos I see online to change my voice?

There are some wonderful videos on techniques to change your voice and they are a great compliment to speech therapy. However, without guidance and real-time feedback from a speech therapist, you may cause excess strain to speech muscles and/or vocal cords. 

Do you look at my vocal cords?

No, we are a stand-alone speech therapy clinic without an otolaryngologist (ENT) or laryngologist on staff who conduct endoscopic assessments. However, following our clinical voice assessment and collection of voice use history and medical issues/conditions that may impact your voice -- Craig may refer you for further instrumental assessment prior to starting to work with you on your voice. 


So you’ll tell me what my goal voice should sound like?

Actually, no – you will!! The main goal is to guide you through pitch and resonance techniques/exercises to help you find a voice that is "easy" (without tension) to produce and more aligned with your gender.


How long will it take to change my voice?

We’re all different—and that’s a good thing! Typically, we’ll meet 8-12 sessions and then have brief check-ins over 2-3 months. In each session, we’ll work together using evidence-based techniques and exercises to help shape your voice. Like any exercise routine, new patterns are formed and change happens when you practice consistently outside of our clinic sessions. 

What is the cost to work with Converge? Do you take insurance or Medicare/MediCal?

All coaching and consultation services are private pay - contact us for fee schedule. Converge Speech TherapyTM is NOT on insurance panels at this time. Authorization as a Medicare provider is currently pending.

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