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Working together

Following our brief phone consultation, we'll establish a day and time that we can meet each week; this creates a consistent "space" for us to work together as well as allows ample time for you to work independently on the techniques and exercises introduced each session. Typically, we'll meet for 8-10 weekly sessions (50 min each) to work on your voice goals. Then, we'll have a session each month, for 3 months (50 minutes each) to check your voice status, review strategies, answer questions, etc.

Getting to know each other

In addition to our brief consultation call, you will complete a survey and provide medical information and history pertaining to your voice. It is very important to review any factors that have/could have complications effecting the integrity or function of your larynx ("voice box") or vocal cords. Equally important, we'll discuss your goals, learning style, prior voice work and things that are important to you.


Your voice goal(s)

As mentioned in the FAQs section, you determine the voice that best aligns with your gender identity. Like learning anything new, it will take time to shape your voice. Education, training and consistent practice are key to achieve your goal(s). 

Real-word practice

We're all busy with family, friends, jobs, pets, self-care, etc and introducing another routine into the mix can be an overwhelming thought -- but it doesn't have to be. Practicing new voice patterns/techniques/exercises can happen anytime, anywhere. Practicing resonant voice exercises while walking the dog or practicing pitch while folding laundry are great ways to continue what we work on in our sessions.

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