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Authentic - adjective: of undisputed origin, genuine. 

Voice is a part of how we express ourselves and communicate with others. Working with a speech therapist (SLP) can help guide you in finding your own authentic, gender-affirmative voice. A voice which feels like you, determined by you. Together, we’ll explore aspects of your voice as well as areas like breath support, relaxation/vocal exercises and aspects of non-verbal communication to help you — with practice — achieve a voice that you feel aligns with your gender.

"As an SLP and gay, cis man, I know that a routine, healthcare or specialist visit can be anxiety-provoking for those of us in the LGBTQIA+ community: will I feel safe? will I feel seen? will I feel heard? My goal as a clinician has always been to provide a safe space for my clients, patients and families/caregivers. A space that is judgement-free, respectful, supportive and a space with open communication."


                                                                                                         -- Craig McIntire-Mann


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